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Searching database of minor planet names

The catalog of asteroids discovered at Klet can be searched in two ways. In the first one, pick a starting letter of asteroid's name from the listed alphabet. In the second way, start writing an expression to search (diacritics is allowed), and after at least three letters are typed, the results are automatically listed. The search can also be performed only on asteroid names, catalogue numbers, date of discovery or names of the discoverers.

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1981 QT
Discovered by 24.08.1981 by L. Brožek on Klet observatory
MPC 29145 (22.02.1997);old=0;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=0#orb

Named in honor of Nina A. Solovaya (b. 1940), an astronomer in the celestial mechanics department of the Sternberg State Astronomical Institute in Moscow. Her general field of work involves analytical and qualitative methods of celestial mechanics, especially the three-body problem. She has applied the results to triple-star systems, to planetary satellites and to minor planets in the outer part of the main belt. Name proposed by the Kleť Observatory following a suggestion by E. M. Pittich.