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Searching database of minor planet names

The catalog of asteroids discovered at Klet can be searched in two ways. In the first one, pick a starting letter of asteroid's name from the listed alphabet. In the second way, start writing an expression to search (diacritics is allowed), and after at least three letters are typed, the results are automatically listed. The search can also be performed only on asteroid names, catalogue numbers, date of discovery or names of the discoverers.

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# Number Name Provisore Discoverer Discovery date
17739Čech1982 CEL. Brožek1982-02-14
232596Čepek2001 QS154Tichý2001-08-29
3138979Černice2001 CM32M. Tichy2001-02-14
46802Černovice1995 UQ2M. Tichý1995-10-24
511134České Budějovice1996 XO2M. Tichý a Z. Moravec1996-12-04
62747Český Krumlov1980 DWA. Mrkos1980-02-19
7215841Čimelice2005 CH37KLENOT2005-02-06
823650Čvančara1997 CU5Tichý a Moravec1997-02-07
995072ČVUT2002 AW66M. Tichy2002-01-15