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Searching database of minor planet names

The catalog of asteroids discovered at Klet can be searched in two ways. In the first one, pick a starting letter of asteroid's name from the listed alphabet. In the second way, start writing an expression to search (diacritics is allowed), and after at least three letters are typed, the results are automatically listed. The search can also be performed only on asteroid names, catalogue numbers, date of discovery or names of the discoverers.

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# Number Name Provisore Discoverer Discovery date
16897Tabei1987 VQA. Mrkos1987-11-15
217607Táborsko1995 TCM. Tichý a Z. Moravec1995-10-02
346692Taormina1997 CW1J. Ticha a M. Tichy1997-02-02
456329Tarxien1999 WO1J. Ticha, M. Tichy1999-11-28
56594Tasman1987 MM1A. Mrkos1987-06-25
617407Teige1987 TGMrkos1987-10-14
75894Telč1982 RM1A. Mrkos1982-09-14
87608Telegramia1995 UO1J. Tichá1995-10-22
96481Tenzing1988 RH2A. Mrkos1982-09-09
1017608Terezín1995 TNTichý1995-10-12
1115374Teta1997 BGM. Tichý a Z. Moravec1997-01-16
1222503Thalpius1997 TB12M. Tichý a Z. Moravec1997-10-07
1344597Thoreau1999 PWJ. Tichá a M. Tichý1999-08-06
145548Thosharriot1980 THVávrová1980-10-03
1527087Tillmannmohr1998 UA151998-10-24
163357Tolstikov1984 FTA. Mrkos1984-03-21
174691Toyen1983 TUA. Mrkos1983-10-07
1848638Třebíč1995 TBTichý a Moravec1995-10-03
193735Třeboň1983 XSZ. Vávrová1983-12-04
203339Treshnikov1978 LBA. Mrkos1978-06-06
212522Triglav1980 PPZ. Vávrová1980-08-06
224287Třísov1989 RU2A. Mrkos1989-09-07
238343Tugendhat1986 TG3A. Mrkos1986-10-04
244054Turnov1983 TLA. Mrkos1983-10-05
2514537Týn nad Vltavou1997 RL7M. Tichý a Z. Moravec1997-09-10