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Searching database of minor planet names

The catalog of asteroids discovered at Klet can be searched in two ways. In the first one, pick a starting letter of asteroid's name from the listed alphabet. In the second way, start writing an expression to search (diacritics is allowed), and after at least three letters are typed, the results are automatically listed. The search can also be performed only on asteroid names, catalogue numbers, date of discovery or names of the discoverers.

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# Number Name Provisore Discoverer Discovery date
16223Dahl1980 RD1A. Mrkos1980-09-03
224619Danielarsham1979 DAMrkos1979-02-26
37272Darbydyar1980 DD1Vávrová1980-02-21
4111913Davidgans2002 GDKLENOT2002-04-01
510035Davidgheesling1982 DC2Brožek1982-02-16
65860Deankoontz1981 QE1Vávrová1981-08-28
74142Dersu-Uzala1981 KEZ. Vávrová1981-05-28
86583Destinn1984 DEA. Mrkos1984-02-21
990279Devětsil2003 DL10KLENOT2003-02-26
106059Diefenbach1979 TAVávrová1979-10-11
115318Dientzenhofer1985 HG1A. Mrkos1985-04-21
125997Dirac1983 THA. Mrkos1983-10-01
135103Diviš1986 RP1A. Mrkos1986-09-04
143022Dobermann1980 SHZ. Vávrová1980-09-16
153905Doppler1984 QOA. Mrkos1984-08-28
166060Doudleby1980 DXA. Mrkos1980-02-19
174671Drtikol1988 AK1A. Mrkos1988-01-10
186263Druckmüller1980 PXVávrová1980-08-06
196221Ducentesima1980 GOA. Mrkos1980-04-13
203781Dufek1986 RG1A. Mrkos1986-09-02
2114054Dušek1996 ARM. Tichý a Z. Moravec1996-01-12